Using the Fixture Grid 

Quick Steps: Go to Competitions > Venues > Fixture Grid

The Fixture Grid provides a view of Competitions by venue. This allows Administrators to visually identify any ‘gaps’ and maximize venue allocation.


1. Within the Management Console, select COMPETITIONS from the top menu, then VENUES from the left menu.

2. Click on FIXTURE GRID

3. To allocate a match an available time slot, click and drag the match to the desired time slot. Once the box is highlighted drop the match into the box.

This will automatically update all fixtures.  

The Fixture Grid has the following features

  • Ability to view by date/venue/competition
  • The date slider indicates availability by colour code
  • Date slider scrollable.
  • Single click to get to fixture grid
  • Date range will default to season date range, with ability to choose current month, current week, or custom date
  • Ability to add new timeslot within grid.
  • Query/Ajax update of grid/date slider based on date/venues chosen.

If the numbers of venues do not fit in the horizontal space available, the screen section containing the venues will have the ability to be scrolled.