Competition Types

There are three different competition types that you can choose from and these are listed below along with some of the expected behaviours of each competition type 

Standard Competitions 

Standard competitions are the basic competition type you can select. With this type of competition you will be able to play any number of rounds with any number of teams that you wish to and all the settings you apply will come into consideration when the fixtures are drawn 

Round Robin

This competition type allows each team in the competition to play each other only once. This means that no matter how many rounds you select to be fixtured the amount of rounds will be determined by the number of teams in the competition 

For example when generating fixtures for a round robin competition with 10 teams only 9 rounds will be generated 


If you select to play a knockout style competition then the only setting you will need to complete is how many teams are involved. The fixture will automatically be generated around this setting as each round half of the competitors are eliminated 

For example in a 16 team competition there will be 4 rounds. Starting with 16 teams in round 1 we then go to 8 teams in round 2. The competition then gets smaller with only 4 teams in round 3 and the Final is played in round 4.