Creating a Seating Section

Reserved Seating Sections or bays need to be created so that your members can be assigned a seat for the season 

In order to create a Section you will first need to have create a Reserved Seating Type. If you have not created the type yet please follow the steps in this article

In order to create a Reserved Seat Section please follow the below steps 

  1. Select Tools from the top menu 
  2. Expand the Reserved Seating menu on the left hand side 
  3. In the expanded menu select Sections
  4. A list of all existing seating sections will appear in the middle of your screen. To create a new section press Add
  5. You will now need to select the Reserved Seat Type that you have created from the drop down and give your section a title such as Bay 1. 
  6. If your seat numbers are not starting from 1 you will need to change the number in the Seats tab. This is for when your seat numbers start at 50, 51, 52 rather than 1, 2, 3 etc
  7. Press Save and you have created the Reserved Seating Section itself