Different Portal Controls

There are different settings that you can use within the competitions online portal to make administering or even just following your team easier 

Select a Team or Competition as a Favourite

One of the more useful and commonly used icons is the Favourite icon

This allows administrators and fans to flag their competition or team to show automatically 

This is done by pressing the Yellow Star next to the competition or team. To remove this favourite so that all teams display select the Stop icon next to the team name as shown in the screen shot below 

View Upcoming fixtures for a Team 

In order to see the upcoming schedules for a team view the relevant competition that they play in 

The schedule for the upcoming games can be seen by selecting the notebook icon next to the team name as seen below 

Viewing the Venue Location 

To view the location of a venue simply click the map icon and a google maps version of the venue will appear as below 

Viewing Officials for a match 

If your competition uses officials you will be able to view any officials that have been assigned to a match through the officials button