Entrants Are Linked to the Wrong Members

In some instances your entrants can link themselves to a member in your Members Listing. This is a handy feature and allows you to easily jump between your entrant and their member history 

There are however some instances when the entrant can link to a member with a different yet similar name 

This is caused by the Member Duplication Settings within your Membership section


If the Duplication is set to Name and Date of Birth it will link an entrant with the same Date of Birth and Last Name. It is not often that these can link incorrectly however it is possible 

If the Duplication is set to Email Address and Date of Birth it will link your entrant to anyone who has the same Email Address and Date of Birth. It is less likely for entrants to be linked incorrectly when this setting is in place as Email Addresses are often more personalised 

The least likely time for your entrant to be linked to the incorrect member is when the duplication is set to all three variables in name, date of birth and Email address. It is still able to link the entrant to the incorrect member with this setting however the more matching points that are required the less probable this is to occur.