Entrants cannot reach the payment screen and are sent back to Home Page

This is another common set up error that stops people from being able to register for your event. You will find that your entrants are able to select their entry type and enter their personal details before they are taken back to the event home page. 

If this happens with your entrants there is a very quick way to fix this. All you will need to do is add a question  and question section to each entry type that you have available. The event specific questions is used as a linking page between the entrants personal details and the payment page. Without this link the payment page cannot be accessed

The steps to fix these are below 

  1. Go to your Event controls 
  2. Select Question Sections from the left hand menu 
  3. Add your Question Section
  4. Select Entry Form Questions 
  5. Create an Entry Form Question and attach this to your Question Section
  6. Select Entry Types from the left hand menu 
  7. Edit the entry types you wish to display or have people select and add the Question Section appropriate to this entry type

Please Note - Having a question section on your entry type is mandatory however the question itself does not need to be answered. It merely needs to be attached to the entry type in order for the payment page to be reached