Exporting Ticketholders

Quick Steps: Go to Ticketdesq > Event Console > Ticketholders > Basic or Full or Template 

In the lead up to your Event, you may need to create Entry lists to help you on the day planning. TicketDesq enables you to export this information straight into Excel or your Spreadsheet Program, to organise and print these lists. To Export a list of your ticket holders, go to the Event Console within Ticketdesq and then head to the Ticket Holders menu.

Exporting Ticketholders:

1. To Export a list of your Entrants, go to the Event Console within Ticketdesq and then head to the Ticket Holders menu.

2. You can then choose which of your Ticketholders you want to export by selecting the options at the top of the page. The Ticketholders that are viewing in the list on the Ticketholders page are the ones that will be exported. This means that if you only want to export the Accepted Ticketholders, you should ensure you are in the Accepted listing.

3. Once you have the Ticketholders that you want to export viewing in the Listing, select one of the three buttons at the top of the page: Basic, Full or Template.

Basic will export a list of your Ticketholders with their Contact Details.

Full will export a list of your Ticketholders with all data collected on them within the Event including Entry Form Questions, and Payment Method.

Template will enable you to choose one of your Export Templates and export a list with this information (see Creating an Export Template)

4. Once you have selected this button, you can choose from a number of date ranges to limit your Ticketholders down further, and then click the Basic, Full or Template button, depending on which one you have originally selected.

This will then download a list of your Ticketholders to Excel in a HTML format. This means that in some programs you will receive a caution message, confirming that you want to open the file, select Yes and your Ticketholders List will open. 

Exports are real time, meaning when you export you're getting your latest/up to date data.