10. Adding Clubs to a Competition

Clubs must be added to a competition in order to integrate with Members. If you do not require Members integtration, you can bypass this step.

You can create your own default clubs, or select from organisations that are already created in the database. 

1. Select the Sports module along the top menu

2. Select the Competitions tab on the left-side menu > Click on Manager

3. Click on the relevant Competition

4. Click on the Clubs tab on the left - side menu

5.  There are several options for adding Clubs to your competition.

a) If you wish to add several clubs that link up to the relevant club databases within your organisation, then the suggested option is to select Add Organisations > move the relevant Clubs that are participating in this competition across to the right side box > Click Save. 

b) If you wish to create a club, select Add. From here, you can link it up to a relevant organisation within your database structure in order to allow Members integration. 

c) If you wish to add multiple clubs at once, select Add Multiple. Select the relevant number of clubs you wish to create > Click Save. Using this option, once the clubs have been created, each will need to be edited with their relevant details.


Seeding is used to assign each club a number, this number matches up to the fixture template used when generating fixtures. This allows you to control the fixtured games of the competition. You can choose to seed either clubs or teams. 

6. Once all clubs have been added, select the Seeding button

7. Allocate each club with a number, by using the drop down list to select the relevant club. 

8. Once a club has been seeded, they will be removed from being selected as you progress through the seeding. Click Save once all teams have been assigned a seed number.