12. Generating Fixtures

This section provides instructions for creating the draw for the competition. This can be done either manually (each fixtured game is created individually) or using a fixture template which then generates the fixture automatically. 

1. Select the Sports module along the top menu

2. Select the Competitions tab on the left-side menu > Click on Manager

3. Click on the relevant Competition

4. Click on the Fixtures & Results tab on the left - side menu, there are now two options to create the competition fixture;

Using a fixture template and generating the fixture automatically

  1. Select the Generate Fixtures button which is located on the main screen
  2. Fill in all required fields;
    • Start Date: The first date of the competition
    • Round From: Select which Round you wish to generate from (usually this is round 1)
    • Round To: Select the last Round you wish to generate (usually this is the final round of the regular season)
    • Round Interval: The number of days that lapse between each round (note: if your competition alternates between playing on a Saturday and a Sunday, for example, simply select the closest round interval time - this is not hard-coded into the system and can be adjusted later)
    • Earliest Start Time: Provide the earliest start time for the match 
    • Latest Start Time: Provide the latest start time for the match
    • Match Type: Select either Season or Finals
    • Existing Fixtures: If this is the FIRST time generating fixtures, select Overwrite. If you are creating ADDITIONAL fixture games and you wish to retain any current fixtured matches, select Extend
    • Include Teams: If this is set to YES then it will utilise the previously created Teams and Seeding
    • Random Fixture Time: If this is set to Yes then it will look for any free venue allocated time, rather than utilising the rules put in place previously. 
  3. Select Generate Fixtures once all fields are completed

Manually adding each fixtured match to the competition

    1. Select the Add button which is located on the bottom of the main screen
    2. Use the drop-down list to select the Round you wish to add
    3. Select the Match Type, Home Team, and Away Team using the drop-down list boxes
    4. Select the date of the fixture
    5. Select the number of sections required (this indicates the number of fields required)
    6. Select the Venue & Time (note: The system will only display available venue timeslots that have been set up prior)
    7. Click Save
    8. The fixture will now be added to the overall Fixture & Result Listing