3. Review the Organisations Listing 

The organisations tab within Sports lists all of the organisations that sit underneath you in the OST organisation structure. This determines what clubs are eligible to play within your competition, and the members within those clubs that are available to add to the team sheet for a fixtured game. You are therefore unable to add any additional clubs to this list, as this is controlled by the overall organisation structure. 

1. Select the Sports module along the top menu

2. Select the Organisations tab on the left-side menu

3. You will now see a list of the available organisations within your organisational structure that you are able to fixture for your particular competition. 

4. You are able to assign a default home venue to each organisation (note: you need to have created venues first which is addressed in Point 5: Setting Up Venues) by selecting the Actions item against the relevant organisation > Edit 

5. Select the relevant venue for Default Venue 1. If you wish, you can assign a second or third default home venue by following the same process.

6. Click Save

Note: Assigning a default home venue to each organisation is not mandatory as this can be addressed via the creation of a fixture template or using the fixture grid.