4. Creating and Uploading a Fixture Template

Fixture Templates determine the overall format for your competition - it provides the framework around which the teams play each other.

1. Select the Sports module along the top menu

2. Select the Fixture Templates tab on the left - side menu

3. There are two options within this tab;

a) Creating your own Fixture Template

b) Uploading a Fixture Template from a pre-defined template

3a.) Creating your own Fixture Template

1. Select the Add button on the bottom of the Fixture Templates Listing page

2. Input a Title for the template, select the number of rounds that are to be played, and the number of fixtures for each round

3. If there are to be Pools within the template, list these in the Pools Textbox in the format provided

4. Click Save

5. You will be taken back to the Listing screen, click on the recently created Fixture Template

6. Click Edit

7. Navigate to the tab within this screen called Fixtures

8. Assign a Home Seed and an Away Seed to each match by dropping down and selecting the relevant number (later on, you will then assign a seed to each team and this will determine the teams that play each other). As you go through each Fixture within a Round, you will note that the seeds will be deducted so that you do not fixture the same team twice within a round. 

9. Click Save 

3b) Uploading a Fixture Template from a pre-defined template

1. Select the Upload button on the bottom of the Fixture Templates Listing page

2. Select the Template (XLS) button to download the Template (this template must be used in order to upload successfully). Note that there is also a Sample (XLS) available if you wish to view a sample spreadsheet to ensure the formatting is correct, simply click the Sample (XLS) button in order to download. 

3. Fill in all of the required fields within the spreadsheet and save onto your Computer. 

4. Select the Choose File button and select the recently saved file from your computer

5. Input the Sheet Name from the Spreadsheet that contains your template so that the system knows which sheet to reference

6. Click Upload

7. The template will now be uploaded and displayed on the Fixture Templates Listing