I can't see any entry types when I select Register Here

When taking registrations for an event there are certain things that need to be set correctly in order for the registrant to be able to pay. One common setting that is overlooked is turning the entry types to active 

If the entry types are not turned to active the registration form will loop back to the Home Page when the Register Here button is selected 

To set the entry types active and have them show as the first step in a registration please follow the below steps 

  1. Go to your event 
  2. Select Entry Types from the left hand menu 
  3. Look at the Entry Types listing. For an entry type to display for selection we need to check two things 
  • The Status as indicated in the last column of the entry type listing. A cross is inactive and a tick is active 
  • Payment Start and Expiry Date and Time. If you view the entry type and under the Pricing tab the dates have either not been reached or have passed the date specified the entry type will not be available for selection 

If both of these settings are set to have the Entry Type display and the loop is still ocurring please contact our support team