IMPORTANT: Update to Classic System - Member Search Field Functionality

SportsTG would like to notify all clients of a system upgrade that we have implemented for our Classic platform as of August 8th, 2018. 

Previously the Classic Member Search field allowed you to search for member details in the following fields: Name, Address, Membership Number, Company Name and Email Address. SportsTG has developed on the Member Search functionality to increase the efficiency of search results. 

What exactly is changing?

  • The change made to the above existing search fields is that the name search field now allows you to search for a full name or a first name as well as the original function of allowing the search on the surname. This change allows for increased flexibility of search entries. 

What are the new search functions?

  • In addition to the change for the name search function, SportsTG has also added the below search fields:
    • Business Phone Number
    • Direct Phone Number
    • Private Phone Number
    • Mobile Number
    • Facsimile Number
    • All: This search function allows you to search for entries in all provided search fields at the one time.

Should you have any questions regarding this system upgrade please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team.