Managing Membership Numbers by Member Type

Quick Steps: Members > Member Types

This option enables you to apply further control over which Members are assigned a member number.

1. Go to Members, then select Member Type from the left hand menu

2. Select Edit, then move your cursor to the Automatic Membership Numbers option.

2. Select Yes for each Member Type that should automatically assign a Membership Number.

3. To apply an Approval Process, select Yes to Apply Approval Process. This will ensure any registered member (including those added manually) are listed as a Pending member until verified by an administrator and changing their status to Active.

4. Click Save.



If a member does not have an existing Member Number and their Member Type is changed to one which automatically assigns a Member Number, a new member number will be assigned.

If a member has an existing Member Number and their Member Type is changed, they will retain their existing Member Number, regardless of the new Member Type settings.