Personal Information

Quick Steps: Go to TicketDesq > TicketDesq Console > Ticketholder Options

Now with the basic details and design of the form set, it's time to start setting up the finer details of your ticketdesq form. The first of these is Personal Information. This allows you to determine which contact information you wish to collect from ticket purchasers, as well as rename the sections on the form.

Ticketholder Information Options:

1. Within the Management Console, select TicketDesq from the top menu, then click on the name of the form to enter the relevant Ticketdesq Console

2. Select Ticketholder Options from the expanded left menu.

3. Click Edit at the top of the page.

4. In the Personal Information tab, you can set whether you want the question to Show (available for answer), whether it is Required (mandatory field), as well as change the Title the field is given on the Online Form for each available field.

5. Within the Titles/Options tab, you can rename the different areas on the form as required.

6. When you've made all your changes, click Save.

Change the Title of some fields to collect different information from Ticket purchasers on this page. For example, Business Name could become Club Name.