Sending Emails To Members

Quick Steps: Members > Send Email > Select Recipient > Select Email Template > Next > Update Content > Generate Campaign > Send

1. Select Members from the top menu, then Send Email from the left menu.

2. There are 5 ways to send an email to your members. Select the category from the left menu and then select the applicable option from the drop down list;

  • All Members
  • Member Type
  • Member Group
  • Member Query
  • Distribution List

3. Select the Email Template (if applicable), and filter which members will receive the email based upon Member Status and Financial Status, then click Next.

4. Complete all details for the email. This should include: Campaign Title, Sender Name, Sender Email and Subject.

5. If an Email Template has been selected, review the content to ensure it is accurate. If utilising a Blank Template, insert the content of your email into the HTML tab. Copy and Paste the content into the Plain Text tab. This will accommodate for email browsers which do not read HTML.

6. Once all fields are completed, click Generate Campaign.

7. Click Manage Campaign to go to Campaign Management to send the email.

This can also be accessed by going to Send Email > Campaign Management

8.  If you would like to remove any email addresses that are duplicated in your system, so that the email is only sent to each address once, click Dups.

9. Click Send.

10. Use Incomplete and Complete at the top of the screen to keep track of when your emails have sent.

Additional Information:
It is recommended all emails are created through Tools > Email Templates. This will enable you to save your work regularly.

It is important the content is duplicated in both the HTML and Plain Text tabs. This will accommodate for web browsers which do not read HTML. Alternatively, if your HTML email contains a lot of images and links, simply insert a statement in the Plain Text tab that says "If you are unable to view this email, please copy and paste the following URL into your web browser". Then insert the Web Version Link. This can be found in Tools > Email Templates > View Email Template.