Step 9: Adding in Event Categories and Events

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Select the Event > Events > Categories, Events

1. Within the OST Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event, or Actions > View next to the name of the event.

2. Select Events from the expanded left menu and then Categories

NB: Set up the Categories first. Categories are the section in which the individual events will sit within, the entrant is able to first select the Event Category, and can then drill down to the individual event. 

3. Within Categories, select Actions in the top right menu > Add

4. Give the Category a Title and Click Save

5. If you need to add several categories at once, use the Add button that appears within the confirmed category that you have previously saved, and continually set up the categories that way. 

6. Once all of the Event categories have been created, click on the Events tab on the expanded left menu within the Events section. 

7. Click Actions in the top right menu > Add 

8. Drop down the Event Category list and select the relevant category this event will sit within 

9. Give the Event a Title, a price (if applicable), and an order number to determine the order in which the events will display within their category on the Events form

10.  From here, navigate to the Meet Manager Tab to set up the criteria for the Meet Manager Integration for that particular event. 

11. Type in the qualification standard for that particular event (if applicable), select the relevant Qualification Entry Mask from the drop down list, put in the Event Code for the Meet Manager export, select the Event Measure option and enter in an Event Division if necessary. 

12. Click Save.

13. Now that your Event has saved, you can continually add multiple events at the one time by clicking the Add button that appears on the confirmation screen of the event that was saved.