Updating Your Website Links to 'SportsTG'

SportsTG is currently completing the final stages of our rebrand. 

This may affect some URL's that currently use our old imgstg.com domains. 

Please follow the below steps to ensure both you and your audience can still access your websites. 

What do I need to do?

1. Update internal website links: 
Please check the URL's that link to forms or documents on your website. 
If it displays 'imgstg.com', simply replace the 'imgstg' with 'sportstg'. You do not need to re-create the event, or upload the document again. 

Example - if the URL contains https://memberdesq.imgstg.com/ replace this with https://memberdesq.sportstg.com

2. Update browser bookmarks:
Please update any saved links on your desktop or mobile device with the new 'sportstg' link.

IMPORTANT: If you do not update your links, users will see this error message when they access your site: 

Who is affected?
All clients who utilise any component of the SportsTG 'Classic' system may be affected, however all data is safe and secure. 

What is affected?
All form links generated by the system with 'imgstg.com' in the URL are affected - this includes links to Membership, Events, Shop , AuctionDesq, documents and images. 

I am using One Sport Technology, will I be affected?
No - all links on the One Sport Technology platform are not affected by this change. 

Do I need to update my site DNS?
Yes - all sites directing to 'imgstg.com' need to be updated. For details, please see Update your DNS records.

This also includes any redirections that may be in place for Membership links and Event forms. 

Remember, if your form or website displays a 'sportstg.com' link within the URL, you do not need to action anything. 

My website link already has 'sportstg.com' in the URL and I'm not receiving the error message, do I sitll need to update this?
No - if the link is redirecting to 'sportstg.com' and there is no error message displaying, then you do not need to take any further action. Many of the links should be directing correctly by default, or as a result of recent updates made by SportsTG in recent days. 

Aren't you called IMG Sports Technology Group? Why are we needing to make this change?
Twelve months ago we merged with FOX SPORTS PULSE to become SportsTG. These changes are therefore a final step in the re-brand. If you have our previous logo, name (IMG, IMG STG, IMG Sports Technology Group) or link saved in documents or on your website, we would appreciate you updating these references to our new SportsTG brand. 

If you require a new logo on your website please contact support@sportstg.com.

Who should I contact if I have a support question?
Please contact us via support@sportstg.com