Event Types - Explanation & Creation

Quick Steps: Events > Results Manager > Meets > Event Types > Actions > Add

Event Types are classified as the different Events that make up a meet, before any age groups or divisions are assigned (eg 100m sprint)

Please note: This functionality is only available at the national level. 

To create an Event Type:

1. Click on the Events module on the top menu

2. Click on Results Manager on the left menu

3. Click on Meets on the left menu > Event Types

4. Click Actions on top right menu > Add

5. Add in Title of Event Type (ie 100 Metre Sprint)

6. Add in Meet Manager code that will come through results portal in results file

7. Select Discipline from drop down list

8. Select whether manual results will apply to this Event Type

9. Select whether the results for this Event Type should display in descending or ascending order on the Results Portal

10. Select where the event type should display in the drop-down listing on the Results Portal by inserting a number into the Order By box

8. Press Save

This Event Type will now appear when creating Events and the administrator will be able to define the Event into divisions and gender