Adding a Round to a Competition

Quick Steps: Go to Sports > Competitions > Select Relevant Competition > Rounds > Add. Complete all relevant fields and click Save.

Creating Rounds allows you to add in rounds individually to then create fixtures. This allows administrators the option to create fixtures manually instead of generating fixtures automatically through the Management Console.

Adding a round to a competition:

1. Within the Management Console, select COMPETITIONS from the top menu, then COMPETITIONS from the left menu.

2. Select relevant competition and select ROUNDS from the expanded left menu. 

3. Click ADD to add a round manually. At this point you can also select GENERATE FIXTURE to create an automated fixture, or IMPORT FIXTURE to upload a fixture using a template.

4. Give the Round a Round Name and Date.

5. Once all fields are completed, click SAVE.

Repeat these steps to create all rounds for your competition.

Please Note: Fixtures cannot be generated unless Rounds have been set for the competition.