Approving a Transfer

Quick Steps: Home > Approve Transfer

Members who change clubs should be transferred using the Member Transfer function in the system. In this way, the member’s history is maintained in a single record, making it easier for the member to remember their log in information, and on the State in managing insurance claims. The member’s new club must request a transfer from the leaving club, but the transfer will only be successful if the leaving Club or the State releases the member.

If a club has requested a transfer of a member currently belonging to your Club, the request will appear in the Pending Transfers list, which appears along with the Noticeboard on the front page of the system.

1. Within the Management Console, select Home from the top menu.

2. At the top of the home page will display a list of all of your outstanding transfers requests.

To approve the transfer, click on Approve Transfer and this member will be moved into the new club's database.

If you want to leave a message for the club that have requested the transfer, click on Log and leave the details. This will then be displayed to the other club. You can also use this if you wish to deny a transfer, and provide reasons to the new club.

Note: If there is an issue with the member and they are not able to be released by the Club, use the LOG function to indicate this to the requesting club. The requesting club may withdraw the request at this point.