Edit An Entrant's Entry Type

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Click on the Event > Entrants > Search for Entrant > View > Edit Entry Type 

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the relevant event

2. Select Entrants from the expanded left menu, this will bring you to a list of Accepted Entrants

3. Use the search box in the right corner of the page to search via Last Name, Email Address, Bib Number, PIN Code or Company Name, click Search

4. View the entrants record by clicking on the eye icon, select Edit Entry Type from above the entrants personal details

5. Select the entrants new Entry Type and click Next

If the new entry type is priced the same as the original entry click Save

If there is an additional charge for the new entry type click Next, and select to charge the fee to a new or the existing credit card

If a refund is required for the new entry type click Next, confirm the amount to be refunded and select Process Refund

Additional Information

If an Entrant has a BIB Number allocated to them, ensure you have updated this BIB Number to reflect the new entry type.

If an Entrant is charged an additional fee they will display in a Full Export twice. This is due to the record now having two payments attached and selecting to have all information exported. To ensure only the most current entry is exported, select Event Day Export.