How do I include an attachment in an email?

Go to the menu Tools > Documents > Document Types.

Click the Add button. Add a title for the type of documents you will be sending eg. Email Documents, then Save.

Go to the menu Tools > Documents > Listing.

Click the Add button. Choose the Document Type from the drop down.

Enter a Title then copy the title name into the Document Title.

Go to the Attachment field and click the Browse button.
Browse your computer for the file and open or attach it. Accepted files are PDF, DOC, XLS. Notes: Files are recommended to be kept under 500KB. The larger the file, the longer it will take to download.

Click Save.

This will display the document and the address required to insert into your email. Copy the Document URL eg. https://.pdf)

Go to the Editing Box that the attachment is being used in. Eg. Tools > Email Templates

Highlight the word or image that indicates the attachment (eg. “Click Here for our newest newsletter”)

Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon in the Editing Box

In the URL reference, use the Paste function (right click on mouse or Ctrl V). This will paste the copied attachment’s location on the server.

Click Ok or Insert.

And Update to save.

The attachment is now hyperlinked to the attachment within the Editing Box.

Tips: Any time the attachment is updated, the process will need to be repeated (re-load it, re-link it). If the attachment or ITEM is deleted, the link will no longer work.