How do I set up an email template?

Quick Steps: Go to Tools > Email Templates > Add

Email Templates:

1. Go to TOOLS, then select EMAIL TEMPLATES and click the ADD button. 

2. Insert the TITLE of your email, this is an internal reference use and will help identify the template in the list stored over time.

3. Insert the SUBJECT of your email, this is the subject line your members will view. This can be changed prior to sending, and therefore is not a mandatory field.

The STG system supports both HTML and PLAIN TEXT versions of the email template.

If your members email account can read HTML, they will see a HTML version; if they can only accept PLAIN TEXT they will see the plain text version. As the system sends both versions, and administrators are unable to identify which one the member’s account can read, always ensure both the HTML and PLAIN TEXT version are completed when sending an email. 

4. Click the HTML tab to insert all content of your email. Remember to regularly save. 

The editing program used within the system is a third-party WYSIWYG software that turns text to HTML for use through the internet.

When pasting from MS Word into the WYSIWYG editor, additional lines of code tends to get included that can affect the email. To paste from word and include the formatting from the original document, click the Paste from Word button (the Word logo icon) and paste the information into the box, then click Insert.

The system can also email-merge fields such as the member’s first name, surname, username and password. To view these Merge Fields, go to How do I include my Member's information in an Email?. This content can simply be added within the text and the system will automatically merge the data into it. Note: This is not applicable for emails sent via an EMAIL DATABASE. 

The editing area also supports the addition of images. Click here to find out more about how to include images in an email. 

5. Once the finishing touches have been made to the HTML version, select all text from the editing box of the HTML version and COPY

6. Click the PLAIN TEXT tab to copy all content of your email. Any differences in font size, bolding or other formatting will be removed.

If the HTML version of your email includes words that are hyperlinked to an external website or page, the hyperlink will be removed, and only the text will remain. You will need to modify your text to include the full link in the Plain Text version. 

The spacing and headings may need to be spaced and capitalised to ensure readability for your members.


PLEASE NOTE: When setting up Email Templates you should save your work regularly. For security reasons the system will log you out periodically if you have not made any clicks, it does not recognise working in the email setup as active use of the system.


STG no longer provide custom email template services.

STG support various email templates and approved designs, however if an external organization designs or develops an email template, we cannot ensure the design will work in all email browsers.