Members Options for Shop

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Options > MemberDesq

This tab allows you to automatically integrate your shop orders directly into the member database. If Automatic transfer is set to “Yes”, all customers who purchase online will have a member record created in the Members Listing.

1. Login to the console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Select Shop Settings from expanded left menu, then Options

3. Click Edit, then MemberDesq from the tabs across the section

Member Database:

  • Automatic Transfer: - Select “Yes” to turn this option on.
  • Default Member Type: - Select the Member Type a customer will be given when they are placed in the members listing.
  • Default Subscription Type: - Select the Subscription Type a customer will be given when they are placed in the members listing.

Member Pricing: - The member pricing update will allow organisations to determine which of your members will receive member discount pricing. A definition of each Member Status is listed below:

  • Inactive: Members can be made inactive by an organisation if they have not renewed their membership for some time. Members will only become inactive if the organisation chooses to change the member’s status
  • Online: Members with an online status have added themselves to your membership database by one of two ways: purchasing a membership online or making an online merchandise order. If you would like to provide your discount to previous shop customers, you should select this option.
  • Pending: This status will only relate to organisations using a pre-approval process for their membership registrations. Most members will not remain in the pending section for an extended period of time.
  • Financial: The financial status applies to organisations utilizing the subscription module to manage memberships. For organisations who want to reward their current members, this status will allow you to offer discounted prices exclusively to your paid up members.
  • Unfinancial: Members who have not yet renewed their membership will be classed as unfinancial. Any prospect data or shop customers within your member database will also be treated as unfinancial.