Viewing Scheduled Instalments

Quick Steps: Subscriptions > Instalments > Schedule

Viewing Instalments allows you to view the instalment payments that have been made to your organisation, as well as those payments that are yet to be processed.

1. Within the Management Console, select Subscriptions from the top menu, then Instalments from the left menu.

2. Select Schedule from the expanded left menu.

3. By default this will take you to the Active screen.

4. Search for a member by either Last Name or Instalment ID to view an individual member's owing amounts.

5. Click on View next to the person's name, this will allow you to view all upcoming payments for the member, as well as the reference for each individual payment.

Note: When viewing instalments, you also have the option to pay the full balance or if in the Rejected listing, pay an installment. This view also enables you to send the member an email. These can be used to communicate with members, as well as pay out the membership.