Step 3: Customising the Design of the Form

Quick Steps: Go to Tools > Themes > Add > Save > Events > Select your Event / Basic Information > Edit  

1. Within the Management Console, select Tools from the top menu, then select Themes from the expanded left menu

2. Click Add at the top of the page to create a new theme. If your organisation already has themes for other modules, you can copy one of these, and proceed to point 6

3. Pick one of the colour scale options as the base for your theme. This provide you with a base colour scheme to assist you in customising your theme

4. Change the colours of the theme to match your required design, using the Adding a Theme article to assist you with which colours should be where. Use the hexadecimal code for each colour

5. Once you've finished changing the colours, click Save

6. Now within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event, or the Event Console button to enter the Event Console

7. Select Basic Information from the expanded left menu

8. Click Edit at the top of the page

9. Within the General tab, select a pre-existing theme or the theme that you've just created from the drop-down menu. If you only have one theme, this will automatically be selected

10. Click on the Images tab

11. Upload the relevant images. The dimensions for your images should be as follows:

Header: 940px wide by no more than 200px high

Footer: 940px wide by no more than 50px high

Site Background: 1280px wide by 1024 high (min), 3000px wide by 1500px (max)

Top Menu & Main Menu: no more than 940px wide by 25px high

12. Click Save to update the changes.

Important Notes: When you've saved the design options in Basic Information, you can then go back to Events from the top menu, and click Form next to the event, to view how the design looks on the Events form. 

Each time that you change a colour in a theme you must click on Edit and Save in Basic Information for the changes to apply to the form.