Step 8: Testing Your Event & Setting It Live

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Front-end Form > Events> Live

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then find the event you wish to test in your listing

2. Click Offline next to the Event, and then click No. This will set the Event online, allowing you to test the form. At this stage, ensure that any Entry Types that you wish to test are set to be online and available at this time

3. Click Form next to the event name. This will open your Events form in another window or tab, allowing you to view your front-end form

4. Click Register Here and go through the process of registering for your event

You can use the Test Credit Card Details to complete payment

5. Once you've completed the registration, you'll receive the emails that will be sent to Entrants to the email address entered on the entry. Use this to ensure that your Receipt and Attachments look as you expected

6. Once you are happy with the form, your event is ready to go Live

7. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on Test

8. Click Activate Gateway to activate the gateway and set the form live

9. You can now distribute the link to your Form, the same one as when you clicked Form, to your website and potential entrants

Congratulations! Your event has now been setup and is ready to go Live to entrants

Additional Information: When testing the event, make sure you put through a test entry for each Entry Type. These Entries will then be cleared from the system once you set the Payment Gateway Live.

Please Note: Once you have switched your form live, you cannot put in back in test mode