Viewing Entrants

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Click on the Event > Entrants

All Event Entrants are contained within the same area of the Event Console, within the Entrants Listing. Here you can view your entrants, their payment details and resend receipts.

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the relevant event

2. Select Entrants from the expanded left menu, this will bring you to a list of your Accepted Entrants

Here event administrators are able to:

- View Entrant Information

- Edit Entrants

- Resend a Confirmation Receipt

- Email an Entrant

- Withdraw an Entrant

Additional Information

The Entrants Listing defaults to display Accepted Entrants, but administrators can view Pending, Unpaid or Withdrawn entrants by choosing the appropriate Status above the list of entrants.