Withdrawing and Refunding an Entrant

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Click on Event > Entrants > Find Entrant > Withdraw > Withdrawn > Refund

1. Within the Management Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the relevant event

2. Select Entrants from the expanded left menu, this will bring you to a list of your Accepted Entrants

3. Search and find the entrant that you wish to withdraw from the event

4. Click the Withdraw button next to the entrant

5. A confirmation message will appear, click Withdraw Entrant to confirm the withdrawal

6. This will move the entrant into the Withdrawn Listing, click on Withdrawn to view your Withdrawn Entrants

7. Click the Refund button next to the entrant that you wish to refund, then click Issue Refund

8. Complete the fields, including adjusting the Refund Amount to the required amount. This can be anything from $0.01 to the total amount of the original transaction

9. Click Next

7. Click Process Refund and the refund will be completed. The Entrant will then receive a refund receipt via email

Additional Information

Though the refund is processed as soon as you click Process Refund, it can take time to reappear in the entrant's bank account. The time this takes depends on the entrant's bank, but generally takes 72 hours.