Exporting Qualifications

Quick Steps: Go to Members > Member Qualifications > Export

1. Within the Management Console, select Members from the top menu, then Member Qualifications from the left menu.

2. Click Export next to the qualification you wish to export.
This export will provide you with the members and information for that particular qualification only.

To export multiple qualifications or to use an an export template:

3. Select Members from the top menu, then Export

4. From the expanded menu, select Member Qualification

5. Choose the Member Qualification that you wish to export, and/or the Export Template that you wish to use

6. Filter on the relevant Member and Financial Statuses, then click Next.

7. Click Export to pull the list out into an Excel spreadsheet.

Additional Information:
When exporting Member Qualifications, to ensure that the details associated with the qualifications also export create an Export Template that includes the qualifications fields that you require in your export.