How Do I Send a Group Email?

Quick Steps: TicketDesq / TicketDesq Console / Email Ticketholders

Once you have tickets being purchased, you may wish to send a generic email out to your ticket purchasers.

1. Within the Management Console, select TicketDesq from the top menu, then click on the name of the form to enter the relevant TicketDesq Console

2. Select Email Ticketholders from the expanded left menu.

3. From the drop down box, select which group you would like to send the email:
  • Pending
  • Pre Approved
  • Active
  • Promoted
  • Cancelled

4. Click Next

5. Email templates are set up under your Tools tab - see article How do I set up an email template?

6. If you choose Blank Template, you can edit the email's contents at the next step. Click Next.

7. Complete Sender name (name that will appear in the recipient's inbox), Sender Email Address (email address that will appear in the recipient's inbox), Subject (email's subject heading). You also have the option to edit any of the email's details via the tabs at the top.

8. Click Send Email.