Setting up Conversion Tracking

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Options > Other Options > Goggle Conversion Code

Conversion Tracking uses Google AdWords to allow your organisation to track which of your keywords best helps lead to sales in your Shop store. To use this functionality, you must have a Google AdWords account with keywords being used to help lead customers to your online store. 

1. Click here to find out about Google AdWords, including how to set up your keywords and grab your tracking code.

2. Within the Management Console, select Shop from the top menu, then Shop Settings from the left menu.

3. Select Options from the expanded left menu.

4. Click Edit then go to the Other Options tab.

5. Go to Google Conversion Code at the bottom of the page, and paste your code.

6. Click Save and you will now be able to track this data through Google AdWords.

Note: Conversion Tracking can be used to track which of your keywords are most effective in converting searches into sales. You must have a Google AdWords account to be able to use this functionality.