Step 7: Adding a Page

This article relates to Site 2.0

STEP 7: Adding a page

Before adding a page to your website please set up your IMAGE GALLERY, DOCUMENTS and CALENDARS.

To add a page to your website click on the 'ADD PAGE' menu option. Enter your;

Menu Title: The title that is displayed in the menu this will be the title of your page

Page Type: Select the type of page you intend to create

Page - Content Page

Menu Only - Locked down menu item, no page content

External URL - Menu item that links to an external page or document

Page Title: The title of your page

Page Layout (to see different page layouts options please click here)

**** Please note once a page layout has been selected it cannot be changed

Display in Menu: Click Yes if you would like this to display in the menu

Public Display: Page can be viewed by the public (YES), or hidden from the public (NO).

Attached To: If you want the page to be a drop down page please select the menu you would like the page to sit under

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